Product Features:
Cap circumference: 55-60cm/21.65-23.6in(adjustable)
Material: high-grade cotton
Weight: 100g/0.22lb
Color: Beige,Black,Dark Blue,Light Green,Pink
Text: Embroidery icon
Hat length: 7.13cm/2.8in
Product Index:
Thickness Index: Moderate
Soft Index: Moderate
Breathable index: moderate
This cap have the Inner support to keep it inflated on head. This means the cap doesn't looks lumpy. it has some kind of stiffener sewn into the front of the dome to keep the shape.
High quality,soft,stretchy,thick,warm,cute,fashionable,fits boys and girls.
ADJUSTABLE DESIGN FOR MAX COMFORT: The top level baseball caps are bound to be the most comfortable clothing accessory you ever wore. The unique and adjustable designs can fit various sizes of heads with ease, without ever putting any strain or getting uncomfortable. This makes our plain caps suitable for adults,college students,kids and teen boys or girls alike.
Whether you¡¯re a mum or a dad,a college boy or girl,or any man or woman that needs a low profile,polo style hat,our caps have got you covered.
These plain caps feature an adjustable design so that you can enjoy a perfect fit that will stay comfortable no matter where you are.
Hat strap in the back that has a small opening,can get your ponytail through the opening as well.

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