This pants is suspender siamesed trousers with braces, solid color, cropped trousers, ten color and style for your option.

Style 1 Size: Length:122cm//48", Bust:114cm//44.8", Hip:150cm//59.1", Leg Cuff:47cm//18.5"

Style 2 Size: length:128cm//50.3", bust:100-114cm//39.3"-44.8", Leg cuff:40cm//15.7", Leg Cir:62cm//24.4"

Style 3 Size: Length:125cm//49.2", Leg Cuff:40cm//15.7", Hip:141cm//55.5", Waist:112cm//44.1"

Style 4 Size: Length(Not including the band):102cm//40.1", Bust:98cm//35.8", Hip:122cm//48", Leg Cuff:40cm//17.3"

Style 5 Size: Length:55.1", Waist:85cm//33.4", Hip:117cm//46", Leg Cuff:30cm//11.8"

Style 6 Size: Length(including the band):103cm//40.5", Waist:100cm//39.3", Hip:102cm//40.1", Leg Cuff:42cm//16.5"

Style 7 Size: Length(including the band):123cm//48.4", Waist:110cm//39.3", Hip:130cm//51.1", Leg cuff:52cm//20.4", Leg Cir:78cm//30.7"

It is very comfortable to wear, fashion pants makes you more attractive, charming and elegant.

You can wear it during all season, also great with Shirt, Blouse, Boots and so on.

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