oodji Ultra Trousers with Elastic Waistband and Side Stripes


Elegant straight leg trousers with elastic waistband. These trousers have contrast vertical side stripes, which give your outfit a unique and striking touch and make you look slimmer. The smooth fabric feels pleasant to the touch and is practical: it dries quickly, keeps its shape after washing, and is easy to iron. These trousers are suitable for any weather and look great on various types of figure, thanks to their straight cut. These beautiful trousers are an excellent item for stylish casual looks. They are indispensable in cold weather when you want to put together a comfortable but elegant outfit. These versatile trousers go well with items in different styles: understated blouses, eye-catching tops, and sweatshirts. The choice of footwear is almost unlimited: you can wear pumps, zipper or lace-up boots, elegant ankle boots, or high boots. These beautiful trousers are a great find for your wardrobe.

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