“Your wish to become beautiful. Let we accomplish it.”—Ytuieky is an American brand, which stress on building quality life. Our designers are young and active and they are close to fashion front. They try to integrate latest fashion elements into products like clothes, bags and etc. Let you be your own queen.
Clothing Maintenance Tips:
1.Silk/satin: Please use special purpose detergent. Hand wash with cold water. Avoid long time soak. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Flat out to dry.
2.Cashmere/wool: Use softener.Cold water Hand wash.Do not expose to sun. Flat out to day.
3.Leather: Professional dry-cleaning. For small blot, use neutral detergent scrub. Do not expose to sun.
4.Purified cotton: Low temperature water wash. Deep and light color clothes machine wash separately.

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